Brewer’s Gold (US)

Brewer’s Gold (US) is a cultivar of Brewer’s Gold with excellent yield and high alpha potential. It has excellent vigor, but poor storage stability. Its alpha acid content is an average of 9.7% and its ratio with beta acids is 2:1. It has high cohumulone at 41%, but is said to be a good extract hop. It was discontinued from commercial growth in the US in 1991, but should still be available for the craft and homebrewer’s market.

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Eroica hops, with its sizeable alpha acid content, very good storage stability, good vigor and is high yielding. Despite that, it is still outclassed by its sister, Galena, and is thus moving toward its denouement of commercial production. Its cones are difficult to harvest and it tends to be susceptable to Ringspot and Mosaic virii. In terms of flavour, it has a sharp fruity essence and fortunately can still be obtained for home brewing experimentation.