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Version 1.3 2
Cleaned up the code. Tackled a bunch of bugs and minor items: Added data to ingredient pages (they still need to be cleaned up) New ingredients: Tacoma & Olympia water Naked Oats Kiln Coffee White Wheat Malt Munich Malt (Liquid) Munich Malt (Dry) Added archive page for featured recipies Added over 100 new yeast strains […] Monday, Nov 24, 2014
Version 1.2
Minor updates. Moved to new domain: AllGrain.Beer! Will keep around to redirect people. Updated hosting to include Varnish cache. Things are now moving a lot faster! Email notifications and analytics added (for admins to keep an eye on things) Added embed support: <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script> Or, simply for WordPress with the AllGrain.Beer plugin […] Tuesday, Nov 4, 2014
Version 1.1
Launched at the HighEdWeb 2014 conference as a demo of what WP can do. Recipes can now be saved! Permalink created to share recipe with others Added water profiles. Bug reports: Monday, Nov 3, 2014
Version 1.0 (alpha)
Much more stable now. Focus was on completing the JS for the calculator. Time was also spent on the layout to make it responsive. Bug reports: Only cone hop calculations (Tinseth) for now HTML/TXT: style display and order. Bug on slider animation in some browsers (Fontawesome + jQuery bug) Feature requests: Save Login and edit […] Monday, Nov 3, 2014
Version 0.1
This is an exciting moment. The recipe builder has been built from scratch. You throw grain, hops and yeast at the thing and it will predict the beer output: I want to thank the people who have done the research that makes a calculator like this possible: SRMĀ  equation by Dan A. Morey Hop equation […] Saturday, Oct 11, 2014
All Grain Beer
Can we build better beer? That is the question. I started homebrewing a few years ago. After a few extract batches the jump was made into “all grain” and I was hooked. With the right grain, hops, yeast and water all of my favorite beverages could be created – for a fraction of the cost. […] Tuesday, Apr 1, 2014

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