A truly bizzaro hop. Released in 2006 by researchers at Oregon State University’s USDA laboratory,  the goal was to breed a hop with low alpha acids and high beta acids, which impart aroma but no bitterness.

Beta acids are naturally antibacterial. Thus the hops have many used beyond brewing. This includes animal feed additives and naturopathic remedies for people.

In the beer world, there has little acceptance… so far. The one commercial example is Widmer Brother’s Teaser IPA. Teamaker hops are said to add floral bouquet and “iced tea” flavors without contributing to the bitterness.

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Mt. Hood

Mt. Hood is an American-bred cultivar coming from the Hallertauer Mittlefrüher, which is very popular among American craft brewers. It makes a good aroma hop, with aroma characteristics similar to a Hallertau or Hersbrucker. It has an average 6% alpha acid content, a little higher beta content, and midline to lower oil content resulting in a pleasant noble hop character but if tasted in fresh beer, can have a bit of a punch.