Ultra is grown only in the United States in limited qualities partly due to its lower yield. It is high in humulene which accounts for its mildly spicy aroma and flavor. It has a low alpha acid content with about 28% cohumulone. It has moderate storage stability and good disease resistance.

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Sterling was successfully bred to overcome Saaz’s susceptibility to mildew. It is a moderate growth, moderate yielding hops. Sterling’s oil content is rather unusual – very high farnesene, very low (almost unheard of low) carophyllene content, higher humulene and moderate myrcene. This creates a delicately spiced, citrusy aroma with both a floral and herbal punch to it. Sterling’s heritage is crazy, yet apparently brilliant since it was successful in counteracting the problems Saaz was having. Sterling is half Saaz with Cascade, Early Green, Brewer’s Gold and an unknown variety.