Palisade hops are another Yakima Chief Ranch variety, and one that is complex in aroma and moderate in alpha acids. It has an amazing yield potential, having shown yields of between 2200 and 3000 lbs per acre. Palisade’s moderate alphas (5.5-9.5%), fairly low cohumulone and myrcene are rather surprising considering its herbal, flowery, and grassy aroma awash with sweet nectar fruits and a tiny hint of citrus. It is used primarily as an aroma hop. It is an American open pollination cross with Tettnanger. Worth experimenting with!

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Fuggle (UK) traces its ancestry back to the original Fuggle. It is an aroma hop with a very high humulene content as well as high caryophyllene and farnesene. It is in popular demand; its parent was the cornerstone for English brewing for a very long time, but it has given way to this sibling.

Green Bullet

Green Bullet is a New Zealand hops variety, one of the first generation of new crosses attempted when the Black Root Rot descended on New Zealand hops in 1949. The new hybrids are more resistant. Bred from a Fuggle and some native parentage, it has a special zing that has become New Zealand’s stock in trade. Dual-use hop with alpha acids at 11-15%, yet has a smooth taste and aroma of raisins and fruits, primarily due to its high myrcene content.