American Amber Ale

Variation of the American Pale Ale style from the West Coast. Slightly darker in color and more caramel flavor than American Pale.


Medium body, less malty with noticable caramel/crystal malt flavor. Medium to high hop rate with corresponding aroma. Light copper to brown in color. Fruity and estery with low diacetyl. Moderate carbonation.


American 2-row Pale Malt. Medium to dark crystal malt. American hops – often citrusy. Dry hopping for aroma. American ale yeast. Water may vary in sulfate and carbonate.


North Coast Red Seal Ale, Fat Tire Amber Ale, Full Sail Amber Ale, Bell's Amber, Mendocino Red Tail Ale, St Rought Red Ale, Avery Redpoint Ale, Firehouse Amber Ale

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