Belgian Dubbel

Full bodied amber or brown Trappist ale with nutty, malty flavor. Plum/fruity flavor comes from distinctive yeast strains and ingredients. Moderately strong, complex Belgian style.


Medium to full body. Malty, nutty flavor, with plum or fruity aroma. Malty balance. Low noble bitterness. Spicy phenols. Dark amber to copper color. No diacytl. Med-high carbonation.


Belgian pils or pale base, munich or vienna malts. Special B, CaraMunich or Caravienne. Dark candi sugar. Noble or english hops.Unique Trappist Ale yeast strains. Moderate to hard water. No spices.


Westmalle Dubbel, Grimbergen Dubbel, Stoudts Abbey Dubbel Ale, Chimay Premiere, Duinen Dubbel, New Belgium Abbey Style Ale

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