Belgian Pale Ale

Pale ale similar to English pale ale, but more spicy and aromatic. Malty, fuity, with unique flavor from Belgian yeast strains. Wide variations reflect huge variety in Belgium.


Med-light to medium body. Low to medium malt aroma and hop flavor. May be malty, spicy, fruity, soft. Toasted, biscuit, nutty or caramel flavor in some cases. Amber to copper color. No diacytl. Medium carbonation.


Belgian paleor pilsner malt. Aromatic, munich or vienna malts for color. Candi sugar. English or noble hops. Unique yeast strains. Spices sometimes used. Soft water profile.


De Koninck, Dobbel Palm, Op-Ale, Vieux-Temps, Brewer's Art House Pale Ale, Omegang Rare Vos

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