Belgian Specialty Ale

Variable. A "Catch-all" category to capture the incredible variety of unique Belgian ales that don't fit elsewhere. BREWER SHOULD SPECIFY TARGET BEER OR SUB-STYLE WITH SPECIAL INGREDIENTS/PROCESSES USED.


Variable. Generally malty, though some may have hoppy flavor as well. Spices and unique yeast strains often add interesting flavors, character, and aromas.


Variable. Full range of malts and adjuncts. Unique and unusual yeast strains. A variety of continental and english hops. Spices and candi sugar often add to complexity.


Arabier, Orval, La Chouffe, McChouffe, Grottenbier, Biere do Miel, Verboden Vrucht, New Belgian 1554 Black Ale, Cantillion Iris, Unibroue Ephemere, Maudite, and many more…

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