Berliner Weiss

Refreshing beer from Berlin. Sour, tart taste. Up to 75% wheat is used with high carbonation to create large foamy head. Lactic yeast strain produces sour flavor. "Champagne of the North".


Light body. Very dry, tart, sour flavor. No hops flavor or aroma. Very pale straw color. Clean lactic sourness. Some complexity/breadiness. Very low bitterness. May be restrained fruitines. High carbonation.


Pilsner malt, with <50% wheat (30% typical). Northern German hops (N. Brewer, Tettnang, Spalt) at very low hop rate. Need Berliner Wheat yeast for correct flavor. Lactobacillus delbruchii provides sourness. Turbid mash. Sometimes blended. Cold lagered.


Scultheiss Berliner Weiss, Berliner Kindi Weisse, Nodding Head Berliner Weisse

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