Dusseldorf Altbier

Altbier or "old beer" from the city of Dusseldorf. Uses a top fermenting ale yeast at ale temperature, but then is cold-aged. "Old" method before lagers became popular.


Light to medium body. Dry, clean and bittersweet. Low hop flavor and aroma. Medium bitterness. Some fruitiness. Medium to high maltiness. Color is bronze to brown. Low diacetyl. Moderate-high carbonation.


German Munich malt with small amounts of crystal, chocolate or black malt. Occasionally some wheat. Spalt hops or other noble German hop. High attenuation ale yeast, but cold aged.


Schumacher, Im Fuchshen, Zum Schlussel, Diebels Alt, Frankenheim Alt, Widmer Ur-Alt

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