Foreign Extra Stout

Strong version of Stout originally brewed for tropical regions. May be dry or sweet. Much higher starting gravity than Irish Stout, with a slightly more complex flavor due to high alcohol content. Broad class of stouts.


Full body. dry or sweet but with more malty flavor due to high alcohol content. High hop rate, but no hop flavor or aroma. Slight sourness, sweetness and diacytl is allowable. Low esters. Low to medium carbonation.


Similar to dry or sweet stouts. English malt. Roasted Barley and Flaked Barley for all grain. Chocolate, roast, caramel and other dark malts. English hops. Complex yeasts. Low sulfate, high calcium water.


Guiness Extra Stout, Lion Stout, Dragon Stout, Jamaica Stout, Cooper's Best Extra Stout, Sheaf Stout, Bell's Double Cream Stout

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