Fruit Beer

Broad category for virtually any style of fruit flavored ale or lager. ENTRANT MUST SPECIFY UNDERLYING BEER STYLE AS WELL AS TYPE OF FRUIT(S) USED.


Varies by fruit flavor and base style. Generally sweet with low hop flavor and aroma to enhance fruit flavor. Balanced with fruit flavor and aroma. Color, aroma, and flavor vary. Balance is important.


Vary by base style. Raspberry and Cherry are most popular. Fruit is usually crushed and pasturized before adding to secondary fermenter. Secondary yeast strains sometimes introduced with fruit. Fruit extracts also popular for "quick" fruit beer.


Pyramid Apricot Ale, Samuel Adam's Cherry Wheat, Saranac Mountain Berry Ale, Oxford Raspberry Ale, Pete's Wicked Strawberry Blonde, Abita Purple Haze, Spanish Peak Raspberry Wheat, many more…

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