Irish Red Ale

Easy drinking ale with a reddish hue. Clean flavor with a caramel malt flavor and a hint of roasted grain. Smooth with moderate carbonation.


Medium light to medium body. Low to moderate malt aroma. May have slight roasted grain flavor. Low hop aroma. No hop flavor. Amber to deep-reddish color. Clean finish. No esters.


English malt with a touch of roasted barley to provide red color and dry roasted flavor. English hops and yeast. May contain rice, corn, sugar adjuncts, but should not be detectable. Occasionally lager yeast.


Moling's Irish Red, Kilkenny Irish Beer, Beamish Red Ale, Caffrey's Irish Ale, Goose Island Kilgubbin Red Ale, Harpoon Hibernian Ale, Boulevard Irish Ale, Murphy's Irish Red.

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