Munich Dunkel

Malty sweet dark lager from Munich. Dunkel means "dark." Malty flavor balanced by noble hops. Hints of chocolate, nuts, caramel, and toffee may be present.


Dark, moderate body, malty beer. Slight toasted flavor from Munich malt. Deep copper to dark brown, sometimes with red tint. No fruitiness, esters and low diacytl. Moderate to high carbonation.


Bulk of color and body is from Munich malt. Some pale, Vienna or pilsner malt is OK. Darker malts for color only. Noble German hops. Moderate carbonate water. Decoction mash often used.


Paulaner Alt Munchner, Konig Ludwig Dunkel, Spaten Dunkel Export, Penn Dark Lager, Capital Munich Dark, Dinkel Acker Dark

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