Old Ale

Traditional English Ale style. Malty, sweet and fruity high alcohol beer. Aged extensively to moderate high alcohol content. Often a seasonal beer. A warming beer.


Med to full, chewy body. Malty, complex, sweet flavor. Toasted but not roasted flavor. Caramel or molassas flavor. Low hop aroma and flavor. Dark amber to red amber color. Fuity esters.


Well modified English pale malt. Caramel and chocolate malts for color, but not roasted malt. Adjuncts such as flaked barley, wheat, treacle or molassas. English hops. Age well.


Young's Winter Warmer. Theakston Old Peculiar, North Coast Old Stock Ale, Samuel Smith's Winter Welcome, Fuller's 1845, Fuller's Old Winter Ale, Burton Bridge Olde Expensive, Marston Owd Roger

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