Other Smoked Beer

Broad category for styles such as Porter, Amber, Ale, Lagers brewed with smoked malt, but not in the Bamberg Rauchbier style. BASE STYLE MUST BE SPECIFED IF THERE IS ONE.


Varies by base style. Balance in flavor is important. Smoke flavor and aroma should be evident but not overwhelming. Examples: Porters, Stouts, Browns, Bocks, Dunkels, many others.


Vary by base style. Wood or material burned to smoke malt adds unique flavor. Peat, Beechwood and hardwoods are most commonly used.


Adelscott Peat Smoked Ale, Alaskan Smoked Porter, Vermont Pub Smoked Porter, Rogue moke, Arcadia London Porter, DeGroen's Rauchbock, Spezial Rauchbier, Stone Smoked Porter

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