Roggenbier (German Rye Beer)

A Dunkelweizen made with malted rye rather than wheat, but with substantial body and finishing hops. Brewed originally in Regensburg Bavaria. American style ryes should be put in "Specialty beer" instead.


Med to med-full body. Moderate to strong spicy rye flavor. Med to med-low bitterness. Moderate weizen yeast aromas (clove, fruit, bananna). Copper orange to dark red/brown color. Highly carbonated.


More than 50% malted rye. May use pale, munich, wheat, crystal and small amounts of dark malts. Weizen yeast. Light use of noble hops. Lower fermentation temps. Decoction mash.


Paulaner Roggen, Burgerbrau Wolznacher Roggenbier

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