Sprint/Summer beer brewed in Wallonia Belgium and France. Very low attenuation. Tart, refreshing beer that is highly carbonated. Fruity and spicy beer with soft malt character and tart sourness.


Medium body. Low malt aroma. Sour, fruity, slightly acidic with a hoppy aroma. Dense head. May be slightly citric. Slightly bitter. Yellow-orange color. Moderate to high carbonation. Usually bottled.


Pilsner malt, with small amounts of Vienna/Munich malts. Long boil times for color. Candi sugar and honey sometimes uesd. Noble or English hops. Dry hops often used for aroma. Saison yeasts. Spices sometimes added for complexity.


Saison 1900, Saison Dupont, Foret and Moinette Blonde, Saison Silly, Saison Voisin, Saison Regal, Southampton Saison, Pizza Port-Crushed Saison, Brooklyn Saison

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