Strong Scotch Ale

Extremely strong ale, always sweet, malty and often dark in color. Alcohol content approaching that of a weak barley wine at the high end. Also known as "Wee Heavy Ale."


Med to full body. Deep malty flavor with some caramel evident. Clean alcohol flavor. Rich body, with little or no hop flavor and aroma. Light copper to dark brown color. Low to moderate esters and alcohol.


Well modified English or Scottish pale malt. Up to 3% roasted barley. Crystal for color. English hops. Scottish or High Gravity Ale yeast. May add smoked malt for "peaty" flavor.


Traquair House Ale, Orkney Skull Splitter, McEwan's Scotch Ale, Broughton Old Jock, Belhaven Wee Heavy, Hale's Ales Wee Heavy, J.P Grays Wee Heavy, Gordon Highland Scotch Ale

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