Sweet Stout

English Stout often called milk or sweet stout. Sweeter than its Irish cousin, possessing a caramel or chocolate rather than roast barley flavor. Flavor derived from milk sugar (lactose) and chocolate malt. Usually low in alcohol content.


Medium to full body. Malty sweet caramel flavor. Low hop aroma and flavor. Black opaque color. Some diacytl. Moderate carbonation.


English malt. Black patent, Crystal and chocolate malts. Maize of Treacle possible adjuncts. Unfermentable milk sugar (lactose) adds sweetness – often called "milk stout". English ale hops and yeast. Lower bitterness than dry stouts.


Samuel Adams Cream Stout, Mackeson XXX Stout, Left Hand Milk Stout, Watney's Cream Stout

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