Light, bubbly Bavarian wheat beer. Has a distinctive clove and banana flavor from the use of unique strains of yeast. Krystal is clear (filtered) version, while Hefe- (with yeast) is cloudy version.


Light to medium body. Low hop flavor/aroma to enhance yeast flavor. Some fruity, ester, phenolics ok. Clove and banana yeast flavor dominent. Light straw color, some haze allowed. Highly carbonated.


German or Belgian malt. By German law needs 50-70% malted wheat. Balance is Pilsner malt. Must have distinctive Bavarian Wheat yeast for correct flavor. Small amt of noble hops. Decoction mash. Soft water.


Schneider Weisse Original, Hacker-Pschorr Weisse, Capitol Kloster Weizen, Sprecher Hefeweizen, Sudwerk Hefeweizen, Brooklyner Weisse

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