Distinctive Wit or "White" beer spiced with bitter Curacao orange peel and coriander. Made from unmalted wheat. A distinctive yeast strain provides orange aroma/flavor. Very refreshing.


Med-light to medium body. Pleasant sweetness, zesty, orange-fruity, crisp, dry, tart finish. Some sourness. Large white head. Low hop bitterness and flavor. Pale straw to light gold color. High carbonation. Some chill haze is OK.


Belgian pale malt. Up to 50% unmalted wheat (torrified or flaked often used). 5-10% flaked or rolled oats. Noble hops (Hallertauer or Saaz). Wit yeast. Curaco bitter orange peel and coriander. Soft water.


Blanche de Brooklyn, Brugs Tarwebier, Sterkins White Ale, Celis White, Great Lakes Holy Moses, Blue Moon Belgian White, Hoegaarden Wit

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