Version 1.0 (alpha)

Much more stable now. Focus was on completing the JS for the calculator. Time was also spent on the layout to make it responsive.

Bug reports:

  • Only cone hop calculations (Tinseth) for now
  • HTML/TXT: style display and order.
  • Bug on slider animation in some browsers (Fontawesome + jQuery bug)

Feature requests:

  • Save
  • Login and edit
  • Share/embed
  • Brew notes
  • Allow different units (lbs vs. oz vs. kg)
  • Need to complete mash parameter math (strike temps, etc…)
  • Allow the user to choose the formula (SRM, IBU, ABV, …)
  • Images
  • “Dry hop” option instead of min.
  • Whirlpool time setting – for better IBU calculations

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