Version 1.2

Minor updates.

  • Moved to new domain: AllGrain.Beer!
  • Will keep around to redirect people.
  • Updated hosting to include Varnish cache. Things are now moving a lot faster!
  • Email notifications and analytics added (for admins to keep an eye on things)
  • Added embed support:
    • <script type=”text/javascript” src=””></script>
    • Or, simply for WordPress with the AllGrain.Beer plugin
  • Make these notes visible to the world
  • Ditto with hops
  • Ditto with grain
  • Ditto with yeast
  • Ditto with water (though it’s ugly)

Bug reports:

  • Error on:¬†
  • No margin on small screens (this page)
  • This page is even worse:¬†

Feature requests:

  • Make ingredient pages not ugly
  • View recipes others are creating
  • Add a forum
  • Login and edit
  • Brew notes
  • Allow different units (lbs vs. oz vs. kg)
  • Need to complete mash parameter math (strike temps, etc…)
  • Allow the user to choose the formula (SRM, IBU, ABV, …)
  • Images
  • “Dry hop” option instead of min.
  • Whirlpool time setting – for better IBU calculations
  • On delete, purge data from recipes table!

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