Burton is a town on the River Trent in East Staffordshire, England. For centuries, the city has been known for brewing.

Compared to London, the calcium and sulfate are remarkably high, but the hardness and alkalinity are balanced to nearly the degree of Pilsen. The high level of sulfate and low level of sodium produce an assertive, clean hop bitterness. Compared to the ales of London, Burton ales are paler, but much more bitter, although the bitterness is balanced by the higher alcohol and body of these ales.

Calcium (Ca+2)
352 ppm
Magnesium (Mg+2)
24 ppm
Bicarbonate (HCO3-1)
320 ppm
Chloride (Cl-1)
16 ppm
Sodium (Na+1)
44 ppm
Sulfate (SO4-2)
820 ppm

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