Fast Souring Lacto

Pronounced Sourness. Creates a modest amount of CO2 and EtOH.

Lactic Acid Bacteria are inhibited by hops, high gravity and low temperatures.  You can adjust sourness by increasing or decreasing these variables.  More than 7 IBU, gravity above 1050 or temps below 65 F will increase the time to sour or lead to reduced overall souring.

We recommend brewing with GB110 in one of three ways.  I)  “Hot Start”:  Pitch GB110 to wort at 98 F with little or no hops for 48-72 hrs.  Wort may be soured before kettle boil or after.  If soured before kettle boil,  boil with hop additions as usual.  If soured after kettle boil cool wort and pitch yeast.  II)  “Co-Pitch”:  Pitch GB110 into a primary with yeast of your choice at 68-72 F.  Wort that is less than 1050 and 7 IBU will typically be very sour in 2-3 weeks.    III)  “Secondary”:  Pitch GB110 after primary fermentation for an aged sour.  Souring by this method typically requires several months.  Adding simple sugars or fruit etc. will enhance souring in the secondary.

  • Source: GigaYeast
  • Strain: GB110
10 - 40%
Temp range83°
68 - 98°

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