Golden Gate Lager Yeast

Lager yeast used to create the California Common beer style.  Ferments unusually high for a lager strain and still retains a lager sensibility (up to 68˚F).  This yeast leaves a slightly sweeter beer than our other lager yeast— perfect for creating a subtle, malty undertone against a clean lager background.  Creates a moderate amount of sulfide under some conditions that will dissipate with a short rest.  Fermentations at traditional lager temperatures may be slow.  Recommended 55˚- 68˚F.

  • Source: GigaYeast
  • Strain: GY005
  • Flocculation Medium
57 - 83%
Temp range62.5°
55 - 70°
Tolerance8.1% ABV
8.1% ABV

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