Belgian Ale Yeast

With a myriad of flavours and aromas embraced by master brewers all over Belgium, this strain has been specially developed to bring the best of these flavors to the home or craft brewer. Belgian ale yeast is an exceptional top-fermenting yeast strain creating distinctive beers with spicy, fruity and peppery notes. Ideal for fermentation of Belgian Saison or farmhouse style beers, but also suitable for other Belgian styles. This yeast is highly attenuative and has a high ethanol tolerance that makes it ideal for creating most Belgian beer styles, including Quadrupel styles of up to 14% ABV. At higher alcohol levels fermentation may take longer but the strain is robust enough to deal with almost anything. This strain successfully brings the sophistication of classic Belgian ale production to the home and small brewery.

  • Source: Mangrove Jack's
  • Strain: M27
  • Flocculation Medium
80 - 85%
Temp range84.5°
79 - 90°
Tolerance14% ABV
14% ABV

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