English Barleywine with 10.02% ABV, 70.8 IBUs, and 20.8 SRM. Strongest of all English ales. Highly alcoholic, malty and estery. Wine like in alcohol content and flavor. Well aged - often a...

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A “home brew” recipe from 1852. Based on notes supplied in the text: The last of the Arctic voyages

The proportions used were essence of malt 120 lbs and of hops 4 lbs to fifty four gallons of water these were boiled together for two hours in the ship’s coppers and then put into a fifty six gallon cask which was placed for the purpose of obtaining the highest temperature in the ship steady at about 70 by the side of the funnel of the Sylvester warming apparatus In about eighteen hours after the temperature of the mixture had fallen to 90 when yeast was added and generally in a few minutes produced vigorous fermentation which was maintained for seven or eight days the froth being thrown off at the bung hole and received from a leather spout nailed on the side of the cask into a tub placed on the deck from which the cask was kept filled as it became necessary for the first two days almost every hour and afterwards at longer intervals as fermentation slackened As soon as it had ceased to work the cask was bunged up and removed to settle and fine for a fortnight it was then broached for issue

The beer thus produced was highly prized and I think I may venture to state that both for strength and flavour it was all that could be desired.


  • The recipe calls for “essence of malt”. Research from the time period shows that this refers to liquid extract.
  • There is no indication if this is pale, or dark extract. We went with dark based on the color of Allsopp’s Arctic Ale which we know was also on board the expedition.
  • The original recipe calls for 54 gallons. Considering 10% evaporation per hour gives us about 45 gallons in the carboy cask.


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