Version 1.3

Cleaned up the code. Tackled a bunch of bugs and minor items:

To do:

  • Login and edit and update
  • Add analytic events to calculator (to understand how people interact with it)
  • Mash calculations
  • Need to complete mash parameter math (strike temps, etc…)
  • “Dry hop” option instead of min.
  • Whirlpool time setting – for better IBU calculations

Bug reports:

  • Hop format not being recorded – Thank you Scott!
  • Gueuze/Lambic styles have a bug in the FG
  • Only whole gallons? No 5.50? Thanks Ben
  • Bug where entries w/ 0 are hidden
  • Lactose is wrong!
  • ABV can’t be more than 100% (

Feature requests:

  • Metric system for units / Allow different units (lbs vs. oz vs. kg) – Thank you Pete, Joe, Nick, etc…
  • Allow uses to set preferences: Hop type, units, etc…
  • Scale to XX gallons
  • Replace ingredient selects with an auto-complete combobox (example)
  • Brew notes
  • Mash calculations
  • Add a forum
  • Images
  • Dry yeast!
  • Total grain weight + Percentage of grist to the right of the SRM Box – thanks sumbrewindude
  • Lactose – since it’s not fermentable, the points shouldn’t be used when calculating the FG.
  • Check color calculation – seems a bit dark!
  • Indicator on sortable column headers.
  • Show percentages for grain too. Amounts are too batch size specific. (thanks Kal)
  • Allow grain and hops to be toggled on/off so that the results can be seen. Like the “include” checkbox in BeerToolsPro. (thanks Kal)
  • Fields too small on phone – While viewing my recipe on my android phone I was unable to read the fields I needed. Thanks Ben.
  • It would be nice to see an ‘other’ tab (for coffee, fruit…) – thanks Chris
  • Manually move the sliders of the ABV, OG, IBU etc.  – Thanks Kurt!


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x by colm 9 years

I see Mauribrew 514 ale yeast is not on the list, here is a link

best regards

x by All Grain Beer 9 years

Looks like 514 is already on the list:


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